Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sant Nirankari Mission Sarovar Complex

Santokh Sarovar (Holy Lake)

The Sant Nirankari Sarovar Complex contains a Sarovar (Holy Lake) which contains Holy water. It is named after the devotee, Reverend Santokh Singh ji (Source: Voice Divine episode November 2003). The sarovar is surrounded by a beautiful park. Many devotees use the Sarovar during the Annual Nirankari Samagams (ie very large congregations), which are held in November every year in New Delhi, India.

Nirankari Museum

The Nirankari Museum was officially launched by His Holiness, Baba Hardev Singh ji on 22 February 2005 [4]. The museum is located within the Sant Nirankari Sarovar complex on Burari Road, near Sant Nirankari colony in North Delhi.